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Are you attending an event or a wedding? You can look gorgeous with beauty services from ABL Clinic in Accrington. Our skilled team is trained in make-up, laser hair removal and massages. So go on and put your best foot forward on any occasion with our help.

Quality you can count on

To make sure you receive quality beauty services, we use state-of-the-art products and tools. Whether you want a piercing or a massage, you are sure to get excellent results when you choose us.

From holistic services like cupping to semi-permanent make-up, we cater to a range of services. Feel free to ask our friendly team for advice on which service will suit you best.

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(Patch Test – £5 per area, unlimited for 12 months) PAYG 6 Sessions Unlimited
Lip /Eyebrows /Under Belly Button £25.00 £125.00 £225.00
Chin /Cheeks /Nipples/Toes £35.00 £175.00 £315.00
Lip & Chin /Side of Face £45.00 £210.00 £400.00
Full Face /Full Neck £60.00 £275.00 £550.00
Neck & Chin £75.00 £400.00 £675.00
Full Face & Neck £90.00 £450.00 £800.00
Armpits /Feet /Bikini Line £65.00 £300.00 £585.00
Half Arms /Buttocks /Brazilian £75.00 £400.00 £675.00
Hollywood /Upper Leg /Lower Leg £95.00 £490.00 £850.00
Full Arms £90.00 £450.00 £800.00
Full Leg £190.00 £970.00 £1710.00
Full Body £400.00 £2000.00 £3500.00


Details PAYG 6 Sessions Unlimited
Cheeks £40.00 £200.00 £360.00
Beard line £45.00 £225.00 £400.00
Full Neck/Abdomen £90.00 £450.00 £810.00
Half Back Incl. Shoulder s £100.00 £480.00 £900.00
Full Back Incl. Shoulders £160.00 £780.00 £1440.00
Chest & Abdomen £175.00 £900.00 £1575.00
Full Body £500.00 £2400.00 £4500.00
Details Prices
Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extensions £45.00 full set
from the Celebrity Range £20.00 1-3 weeks infill
£25.00 3-4 week infil
£30.00 4-5 week infill
Party Lashes £10.00
Eyelash Tinting £10.00
Celebrity Brows (HD Brows) £18.00
Eyebrow Shape, Tint and Wax £10.00
Eyebrow Wax £6.00
Eyebrow Threading £5.00
Full Face Threading £12.00
Full Face & Neck Threading £15.00
Forehead or Upper Lip £3.50
Chin Threading £7.00
Sides Threading £7.00
Chin & Neck Threading £10.00
Details Prices
Eyebrows (Blush, Stroke, Combination, 3D Brows) £100.00 + £100.00 top up
Eye Liner (Upper and Lower Lid) £100.00 + £100.00 top up
Lip Liner (Liner, Blush, Full Colour) £100.00 + £100.00 top up
Micro-blading £80.00 + £80.00 top up
Details Prices
Full Body Massage (60 Mins) £35.00
Hot Stone Body Massage (60 Mins) £45.00
Swedish Massage (60 Mins) £40.00
Reiki (60 Mins) £40.00
Back, Neck & Shoulders (30 Mins) £20.00
Back Massage (30 Mins) £15.00
Indian Head Massage (30 Mins) £30.00
Details Prices
Fully Sculpted Pink and White Acrylic Nails £35.00
Fully Sculpted Acrylic Nails / Backfills £30.00
Infills £25.00
White Acrylic Tips £15.00
Full Colour/Glitter Tip Overlay £20.00
Gel Polish (Shellac/Young Nails ManiQ/IBD) £15.00
Manicure (40 mins – Soak, Exfoliation, Massage & Nail Varnish) £20.00
Deluxe Manicure (60 mins – Soak, Exfoliation, Massage, Heated mittens & Gel polish £25.00

Pedicure (40 mins – Soak, Exfoliation, Massage & Nail Varnish)

Deluxe Pedicure (60 mins – Soak, Exfoliation, Massage, Heated Boots & Gel Polish) £30.00
Twinkle Toes £15.00
Nail removals £10.00 Acrylic     £7.50 Gel Polish
Diamantes or Nail Art /Swarovski Gems £0.50 per nail / £1.00 per nail
Details Prices
Microdermabrasion £25.00 per session
(Cleanse, Crystal Microdermabrasion & Serum)(Mask Available for additional £5) £60.00 for 3 sessions
Deluxe Microdermabrasion £45.00 per session
(Treatment includes, full facial crystal microdermabrasion Correction work, face lift work  mask and head & shoulder massage) £350 for 10 sessions
Bright Eyes Facial Treatment £30.00 per session
(A unique treatment that illuminates and relaxes the skin, targets the wrinkle and bags by cleaning and exfoliating the face) £75.00 for 3 sessions
Cellulite Treatment £30.00 per session
(Cellulite Therapy smoothes away cellulite and tones the skin on your legs, hips, buttocks, arms, stomach and chin) £225.00 for 10 sessions
Details Prices
Basic Facial without steam (30 Mins) £12.00
Basic Facial with steam (45 Mins) £15.00
Herbal Facial with steam (45 Mins) £20.00
Whitening Pearl Facial (45 Mins) £25.00
Oxygen Facial (30 mins) £30.00
Gold Facial with steam   (45 Mins) £35.00
Details Prices
Bridal Hair & Make Up    (Including Jewellery & Dupatta (Veil) Settings) £200.00
Bridal Make Up (Including Eyelash) £150.00
Bridal Hair Styles £70.00
Engagement Hair & Make Up £110.00
Engagement Make Up £75.00
Engagement Hair Style £45.00
Party Hair & Make Up £55.00
Party Make Up (Including Lashes) £30.00
Party Hair Styles £25.00
Eye Make Up £15.00
Henna On Hand £5.00
Henna Up to Elbow £10.00

(10% off any combination of 3+ waxing treatments)

Women Waxing

Details Prices
Leg Wax £18.00 Full           £12.00 Half
Back £25.00 Full           £15.00 Half
Arms £14.00 Full           £10.00 Half
Bikini Line £10.00
Brazilian £15.00
Hollywood £20.00
Armpits £8.00
Belly £10.00
Upper Lip £5.00
Sides £8.00
Chin incl. Neck £10.00
Full Face including Brows £15.00
Full Body £80.00

(NB. It is advisable that you do not have any heat related treatments pre/post waxing i.e. sunbed, sauna, steam room, Jacuzzi)

Male Waxing

Details Prices
Back and Shoulders / Chest and Abdomen £25.00

Hair Prices

Short Hair (Shoulders)

Long Hair (below Shoulders)

Dry Cut £10.00 £12.00
Children Hair Cut (under 13) £5.00 £7.00
Straightened /Curled £7.00 £10.00
Wash & Blow Dry £10.00 £13.00
Wash, Cut & Blow Dry £18.00 £22.00
Super Cut (Shampoo, Conditioning Treatment, Cut & Blow) £22.00 £25.00
Conditioning Treatment & Blow Dry £10.00 £15.00
Full Hair Up £20.00 £22.50
Half Hair Up £12.00 £15.00
Olaplex Treatment £35.00 £40.00


Colours Short Hair (Shoulders) Long Hair (below Shoulders)
Roots Touch Up £30.00 £30.00
Roots Touch Up with Cut & Blow Dry £35.00 £40.00
Full Head & Blow Dry £40.00 £45.00
Full Head, Cut and Blow Dry £45.00 £50.00
Full Head & Set £45.00 £50.00
Full Head, Cut & Set £50.00 £55.00


Foils Short Hair (Shoulders) Long Hair (below Shoulders)
Full Head Foil & Blow Dry £50.00 £60.00
Full Head Foils, Cut & Blow Dry £55.00 £65.00
Half Head Foils & Blow Dry £40.00 £50.00
Half Head Foils, Cut & Blow Dry £45.00 £55.00


Perm Short Hair (Shoulders) Long Hair (below Shoulders)
Half Head £35.00 £45.00
Full Head £40.00 £50.00
Blow Dry Extra £5.00


Men Prices
 Dry Cut  £5.00
Shampoo & Cut £7.00
Shampoo, Cut & Blow Dry £10.00


Hair Extensions Prices
Micro /Nano weaves from £220.00
LA weaves from £250.00
Pre bonded from £260.00
Shrink Tube

from £350.00

Price will be decided at your consultation

Spray Tan 1 Session £10.00    Unlimited for a Month £35.00
Sun Shower 3 Minutes £1.00
42 Minutes £10
90 Minutes £20.00
Nails, Party Lashes and Spray Tan £35.00
Cupping (Hijama) £30.00 Wet


Definition of Cupping: It is an ancient treatment that releases local toxins from specific areas. It stimulates the lymphatic system to clear the blockages, clots or stagnates circulation to help realign and balance the vital energies of the body. It can cure several diseases such as hypertension, hypotension, constipation, IBS, epilepsy, migraine, asthma, depression, male and female infertility, eczema and haemorrhoids.
Crystal Clear Products Prices
Skin Brightening Complex 60ML £32.00
Skin Repair Serum 60ML £32.00
Soothing Cleansing Gel 200ML £20.00
Revitalising Tonic 200ML £20.00


Cloud Nine Prices
Micro Iron £50.00
The Touch £99.00
Standard Iron £119.99
Wide Iron £119.99
Large Wand £109.99
Waving Wand £99.99
Micro Wand £89.99
The O Amplify Spray £10.99
Magic Quick Dry Portion £16.99


Other Prices
Colouring Lip Gloss £5.00
Olaplex No 3 £30.00
Directions Stain Dye £5.00
Max2 £13.50
Weight Loss Pills £25.00
Lobe: £10.00 (£16.00 x2) Lip: £15.00 Wrist: £15.00
Tragus: £15.00 Cheek: £20.00 Nipple: £20.00
Anti-Tragus: £15.00 Labret: £20.00 Belly Button: £25.00
Bermuda: £30.00 Vertical Labret: £25.00 Surface: £20.00
Conch: £15.00 Eyebrow: £20.00 Spinal Tap: £15.00
Daith: £15.00 Nostril: £15.00 Vampire Kiss:£25.00
Helix: £15.00 Septum: £20.00 Skin Divers: £20.00
Rim: £15.00 Bridge: £25.00 Dermal: £30.00
Rook: £15.00 Medusa: £20.00
Scaffold: £25.00 Madonna: £20.00
Snug: £15.00 Monroe: £20.00
Translobal: £25.00 Tongue: £30.00 (incl bar change)
Spiral: 3pts: £25.00 Snake Bite: £30.00
5pts: £45.00 Spider Bite: £30.00
Angel Bite: £30.00
Dahlia Bite: £30.00
Shark Bite: £50.00

Piercing cleaning/changing: £5.00

Corset: £15.00 per piercing up to 10 rings. £12.00 per piercing for up to 20 rings. £10.00 for over 20 rings.


  • Had my eyebrows tinted and threaded by Asma, my brows are the most elegantly shaped and defined they've ever been. Also, when tinting my lashes she really took her time to make sure they were all coated in tint and that not even a tiny bit went in my eye. I am very impressed with the overall experience.

    Zoe Keeler
  • They are absolutely great in all treatments. Thanks to Debbie for doing my hair today. I absolutely love it. I also thank Asma for always doing a great job with my eyebrows. Definitely recommend this place. Thank you to all staff.

    Shaba Hussain
  • Absolutely the best neck, back and shoulder massage I've ever had. Not to mention the Indian head massage afterwards!! Thank you so much. (And the place looks amazing) Well done to all of you!!!

    Rachel Murphy
  • Lovely people and excellent service. I am really impressed. Thank you.

    Amy Payne-Chris Kennedy
  • I love my new eyebrows! Wonderful job! Thank you Amy, you're amazing! I recommend them!! See you soon!

    Agata Gruszka
  • Highly recommend to everyone I know. They don't treat you like customers, they treat you like you're a friend. Everyone is really friendly, they only use really good quality products and worth every penny.

    Terry Cokell
  • Amazing. Highly recommended. Also, best massage I've had by far! 10/10.

    Raz Boast
  • I love this place. I've only been once but felt so welcome and had a good laugh. I will definitely be going back.

    Laura Bruck
  • Amazing lashes. Amazing make-up artist. I love this place!!

    Trina Catlow
  • Excellent work, people, place, and I personally recommend it for cupping. Thanks bash.

    Hassan Iqbal
  • I've just left the salon after having a massage with Roxy, this was purchased as a gift from the girls in the Spa I work in. Being a therapist myself I always have higher standards when it comes to having treatments. I'm very relaxed now, it was the perfect combination of firm and gentle! Already booked my next one and going to try a luxury microdermabrasion next week!

  • I cannot thank the staff enough at ABL CLINIC!! When I first walked in 7 months ago I had no self-confidence due to various illnesses which had affected the way I looked and felt about myself. The staff have since helped me lose 2 stones in body fat, removed my facial hair with diode Laser sessions and generally made me feel good about myself. They are my GODSEND!!! I cannot recommend this place enough and the best part is you have everything under one roof

  • ABL is the best place I've been to, they are really professional and make you feel welcome, we always have a laugh, and I highly recommend them.

  • Very professional clean salon, the staff are very welcoming and make sure your well looked after whilst you’re at the salon. Highly recommend.


Look well-groomed on any occasion with services from ABL Clinic in Accrington. For eyebrow shaping, haircuts and more, call us:
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